Maximise your customer base

Nurture and Grow

The Nurture & Grow package expands on the Premium Website & Traffic Boost by adding a marketing funnel that includes structured emails. When it comes to the preferred channel for permission-based promotional messages it leads Facebook 77% to 4%

Email marketing allows business owners to reach a large audience. An email list can be used to both market and build relationships; when run properly email marketing is 20 times more cost-effective than traditional media.

Building a quality email list and communicating regularly will generate sales opportunities now as well as build credibility and brand awareness amongst your customers and prospects which will lead to future sales.


Chill Digital will build and maintain your premium website and optimise it for Google ranking as well as produce content & communicate with your customer base through structured email campaigns.
Why Email Marketing

Email remains the most profitable and cost-effective marketing channel.

  • Huge ability to personalise your message.
  • Consistent & organised communication.
  • Segmentation of customers.
  • Testing and monitoring.
  • Track individual user’s responses.
  • Sales potential (when compared to social media, which mostly build engagement, but don’t sell).

Premium Website

A modern, functional, and beautifully designed website including all premium features, image & video galleries, custom contact forms, integration with social media and a whole lot more.

  • Optimised for Mobile Speed - Test the speed of your website

  • Optimised for Search Engine Ranking

  • Data Security - Daily Backups 
Regular Updates of Plugins & Themes

  • Ongoing Maintenance of Website

Search Engine Optimisation

The process to rank better is called (SEO) Search Engine Optimisation, SEO has two aspects; on-page & off-page; both are ongoing. The Traffic Boost package includes 5 hours per month optimising your website & the online authority of your website.